Five Years Peace of Mind Home Warranty

Pazz Construction is offering an industry leading five year home warranty on:

 Structural defects

 Roof Leaks

 Basement Leaks



 Interior Climate Control

Industry Leading Five Year Warranty

In addition to the Statutory Warranty provided in the State of Connecticut with new home construction as well as all manufacturer’s warranties, Pazz Construction now offers an Industry Leading Five Year Warranty on structural defects, roof leaks, basement leaks, electrical, plumbing and interior climate control. This warranty is also transferable to any new homeowners within the five year time period.

Hassle-free and Rewarding Buying Experience

As the owner of Pazz Construction I want your custom home buying experience to be hassle-free and rewarding. Going along with the quality and fine craftsmanship that we put into each of our custom homes we are now offering a 5-year warranty to make your building experience a stress free and easy process. We take pride in our work and want to show new homeowners just how confident we are about the quality that goes into each and every home that we design and build.


Jason Pazzaglia